Monday, May 9, 2011

Our 5 month Gastric Bypass Video Update

Our 5 Month updates

Hi, well this month has flown by.  We are both feeling great.   Dan has lost over 100 lbs and I have lost about 65lbs.  I have done our "before and after" pics and will included them in this post.  I also have uploaded our new video and will provide the link for that.

NSV's this month for me:  Crossing my legs without thinking about it
      Rode my bike for miles and miles during our spring break vacation
     Tried on a pair of 16 misses (not womens) capris and they fit!!!!!
     Soccer for one of my kids started again and I pulled out the chair (folding camp kind) I have been         using for years and opened it up and when I sat down I felt so small in it....

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