Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dan's 1 week post op video RNY

24 lbs lost already!!

Dan is doing very well.  He is down 24 lbs this morning !  Today is one week from surgery.  ( ...I may have even talked him into make alittle video later today)

The appt went fine yesterday.  The surgeon did not think it was a hernia or anything to worry to much about.  Dan does still have some pain there and the area is still a little bulged out but he has his first follow up on Monday so the surgeon wants to wait till then and if it is still bothersome then he may need a cat scan just to make sure it is all ok.

Food wise Dan is eating protein shakes, pureed soaps and Lipton chicken noodle soup, crystal light, SF Jello and water.  He is getting his vitamins in twice a day and really I think he is doing very well. 

I on the other hand am still pretty miserable but I am getting use to it.  I am eating (or drinking) soups, lots of Carnation Instant breakfast, more soups and some cream of wheat.   Also really liking SF fudgesicles and SF Popsicles.

Be watching for a video update soon.......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things are improving slowly

Dan is doing pretty well.  We went out and ran a few errands this afternoon and he did real well walking and lifting things.  He did not get alot of protein in today.  It is so hard to be drinking the water and getting the protein and spacing it all out.....just seems to be sipping something constantly.  He does have one area on his tummy right near an incision that seems to be swelling or something.  kinda bumped out alittle.  Hard to describe but anyway we call the surgeons office just to check.  He has no fever and it hurts sometimes but it was not swollen like this this morning.  They want him to come in tomorrow to have it checked.  We live in northern virginia and tomorrow maybe the WORST day to travel as far as the traffic we are trying to get a really early appt just so we don't have to sit in hours of traffic.
Will update you all tomorrow on how appt goes

I am on day 2 of liquids.....and I am still hungry...ugghhh.  I did soup, carnation instant breakfast, sugar free fudgesicles and around 8 pm tonight I made very liquid 'y cream of wheat.   Not great but one more day over.

Monday, November 22, 2010

First day of liquid pre-op week and Dan is Recovering

Well today is the day I start just liquids. really all I can say.  I have taste-tested a few things as Dan was living through it and I found a few things I like....Special K Protein - French Vanilla drinks and Carnation Instant Breakfast-Rich Chocolate.  I will update you again as the week goes by.

Dan is recovering slowly but surely.  He had alittle Cup of Soup Tomato soup( 4 oz over an hour) and it may have given him a stomach ache.  He was up alot last night.  He did do very well with his food intake yesterday until around 7pm.  Here is a copy of it from this great website/Iphone app we have decided to use.  Calorie Counter by FatSecret.  Here is the link to the website.

How tricky is this website.  You can watch your sugar and protein as the day goes by.  I would recommend it.  This is a printable version of his day yesterday but on the actually app you can see a total at the top of day of protein, sugar, calories...... Every food we have searched for is already in database except our protein powder which I found a very similar brand in there.  It does fast food and restaurants, name brands and more.  The only thing if wish it watched for you was water intake.  So I installed another app on my phone for that.  As you can see he did not eat that much but I think it is pretty good for first day home from hospital.  We are going to try to get in more protein today.  60 to 80 grams is ALOT!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dan is coming home today

5:18am Yesterday was rough. The surgeon said it would be his roughest day. He did not sleep at all. They changed his pain meds in the morning and that seemed to help. He went for his leak test and all that was fine so he began clear liquids. Just alittle water at first. He still got very nauseous when he would sit up. He did get up 4 times and walked once. This morning they will remove drain and IV. I would assume they will start his pill form ( or maybe liquid form) of pain meds to get him use to that before we get discharged. They said he could leave mid afternoon. I am not counting on that but I am hopeful. He seemed in better spirits when I left him last night. It is very early now so I have not called yet. Just can't sleep. We are leaving at 8:30 (I am taking the twins with me) to go spend the day with him and bring him home.

9:36pm   We made it home about an hour ago.  It was stressful but we are here now...all the kids have eaten dinner now and I am exhausted.   Dan's pain level is pretty low and he was switched over to Tylenol with Codeine.  He has tolerated all liquids so far.  I also think the nausea is much better much so that he did not want me to fill the script for it.  Hopefully he will sleep well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan's surgery update

12:25pm Everything is running on time as of now. He was taken to operating room at 9:30. They are going to remove his gallbladder also so they said about 3 hours and then an hour in recovery. He did not seem nervous. I am way more concerned about all of it than Dan is. I am in the waiting area just waiting for my beeper to go off. The surgeon should be here soon to talk to me.

1:10pm. Surgeon came out and said everything went very well and he is in recovery. I will get to see him in about an hour.

10:25pm   I am finally home.  Dan finally got out of recovery at 5pm....much much longer due to respirations, nausea and pain levels.  He did do ok till around 8  then needed more pain meds.  He got up out of bed and We walked down hall.  He did really well.  He cannot have anything to drink until tomorrow sometime after the leak test.  I am planning on getting there around 9 or so. They are still saying a saturday release.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Video update.....

and I posted my measurements on this page. 
We are getting so close now, Dan surgery is in 3 days on Thursday and mine is 2 weeks from today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little update....Dan's surgery is in 8 days!!!

Just a little update. We are moving forward and Dan is all set for surgery next week on Thursday, Nov 18th at 9:20. He starts his liquid diet tomorrow and has his last pre-op apt with the surgeon on Friday. I have to say that while we were in the midst of all of our testing and appts I felt like this was going on forever....but now that it is here, it feels like it has happened so quick. I cannot believe we are approved and having surgery all in the next 3 weeks!!! We had a great time in Vegas. Here is the latest video: