Monday, November 22, 2010

First day of liquid pre-op week and Dan is Recovering

Well today is the day I start just liquids. really all I can say.  I have taste-tested a few things as Dan was living through it and I found a few things I like....Special K Protein - French Vanilla drinks and Carnation Instant Breakfast-Rich Chocolate.  I will update you again as the week goes by.

Dan is recovering slowly but surely.  He had alittle Cup of Soup Tomato soup( 4 oz over an hour) and it may have given him a stomach ache.  He was up alot last night.  He did do very well with his food intake yesterday until around 7pm.  Here is a copy of it from this great website/Iphone app we have decided to use.  Calorie Counter by FatSecret.  Here is the link to the website.

How tricky is this website.  You can watch your sugar and protein as the day goes by.  I would recommend it.  This is a printable version of his day yesterday but on the actually app you can see a total at the top of day of protein, sugar, calories...... Every food we have searched for is already in database except our protein powder which I found a very similar brand in there.  It does fast food and restaurants, name brands and more.  The only thing if wish it watched for you was water intake.  So I installed another app on my phone for that.  As you can see he did not eat that much but I think it is pretty good for first day home from hospital.  We are going to try to get in more protein today.  60 to 80 grams is ALOT!! 

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