Thursday, November 25, 2010

24 lbs lost already!!

Dan is doing very well.  He is down 24 lbs this morning !  Today is one week from surgery.  ( ...I may have even talked him into make alittle video later today)

The appt went fine yesterday.  The surgeon did not think it was a hernia or anything to worry to much about.  Dan does still have some pain there and the area is still a little bulged out but he has his first follow up on Monday so the surgeon wants to wait till then and if it is still bothersome then he may need a cat scan just to make sure it is all ok.

Food wise Dan is eating protein shakes, pureed soaps and Lipton chicken noodle soup, crystal light, SF Jello and water.  He is getting his vitamins in twice a day and really I think he is doing very well. 

I on the other hand am still pretty miserable but I am getting use to it.  I am eating (or drinking) soups, lots of Carnation Instant breakfast, more soups and some cream of wheat.   Also really liking SF fudgesicles and SF Popsicles.

Be watching for a video update soon.......

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