Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan's surgery update

12:25pm Everything is running on time as of now. He was taken to operating room at 9:30. They are going to remove his gallbladder also so they said about 3 hours and then an hour in recovery. He did not seem nervous. I am way more concerned about all of it than Dan is. I am in the waiting area just waiting for my beeper to go off. The surgeon should be here soon to talk to me.

1:10pm. Surgeon came out and said everything went very well and he is in recovery. I will get to see him in about an hour.

10:25pm   I am finally home.  Dan finally got out of recovery at 5pm....much much longer due to respirations, nausea and pain levels.  He did do ok till around 8  then needed more pain meds.  He got up out of bed and We walked down hall.  He did really well.  He cannot have anything to drink until tomorrow sometime after the leak test.  I am planning on getting there around 9 or so. They are still saying a saturday release.

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