Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dan is coming home today

5:18am Yesterday was rough. The surgeon said it would be his roughest day. He did not sleep at all. They changed his pain meds in the morning and that seemed to help. He went for his leak test and all that was fine so he began clear liquids. Just alittle water at first. He still got very nauseous when he would sit up. He did get up 4 times and walked once. This morning they will remove drain and IV. I would assume they will start his pill form ( or maybe liquid form) of pain meds to get him use to that before we get discharged. They said he could leave mid afternoon. I am not counting on that but I am hopeful. He seemed in better spirits when I left him last night. It is very early now so I have not called yet. Just can't sleep. We are leaving at 8:30 (I am taking the twins with me) to go spend the day with him and bring him home.

9:36pm   We made it home about an hour ago.  It was stressful but we are here now...all the kids have eaten dinner now and I am exhausted.   Dan's pain level is pretty low and he was switched over to Tylenol with Codeine.  He has tolerated all liquids so far.  I also think the nausea is much better much so that he did not want me to fill the script for it.  Hopefully he will sleep well.

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