Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things are improving slowly

Dan is doing pretty well.  We went out and ran a few errands this afternoon and he did real well walking and lifting things.  He did not get alot of protein in today.  It is so hard to be drinking the water and getting the protein and spacing it all out.....just seems to be sipping something constantly.  He does have one area on his tummy right near an incision that seems to be swelling or something.  kinda bumped out alittle.  Hard to describe but anyway we call the surgeons office just to check.  He has no fever and it hurts sometimes but it was not swollen like this this morning.  They want him to come in tomorrow to have it checked.  We live in northern virginia and tomorrow maybe the WORST day to travel as far as the traffic levels....so we are trying to get a really early appt just so we don't have to sit in hours of traffic.
Will update you all tomorrow on how appt goes

I am on day 2 of liquids.....and I am still hungry...ugghhh.  I did soup, carnation instant breakfast, sugar free fudgesicles and around 8 pm tonight I made very liquid 'y cream of wheat.   Not great but one more day over.

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