Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday was a happy day :) ....DATES!!!

We had already planned to head over to the support group that our surgery group was having at 7. So I headed up the highway to meet Dan. He called and said that our surgery coordinator had spoken to him about his submission to insurance and DATES!!!!!
Well she is pretty sure that Nov 18th will work for Dan and I can have Nov 29th !!
This, of course, all has to be submitted to our insurance company but dates are so exciting. It makes it all seem even more real. Dan paperwork has all been submitted as of yesterday and now we are waiting to get his approval. I had labwork that had to be added to mine.....but she is submitting mine probably Monday or Tuesday next week.
So now we just kinda more appointments, tests, follow up appointments....We have had such a crazy calender full of this stuff and when you think about it X2 was really alot. But we did every appointment they requested and now we just have to wait .......and wait.

The support group was interesting. All about food choices and ideas. Most of the people there had had lapband. Whenever I get in a group and starting talk pros and cons of each surgery....why oh why do I start to second guess my decision of RNY??
I really think it is the best choice with better long term results...I just hope I am right. I have watched some girls that are having issues with RNY....losing to much...immune systems down...getting sick alot. But everytime I watch, these same girls will always finish up their videos with "I wouldn't change the fact I had surgery" or "I'd do it again tomorrow". I know Lapband would be a better way to ease into this...but here I go again...uggghhhhhh

But we now have I think RNY is the best choice for me (hear that conviction in my voice) :)


  1. Isn't it soo exciting to get dates! I think that was one of the best days of my life to hear that after all that hard work of 6 months there was something to look forward to! Good Luck, I am still waiting on Insurance. Hopefully I get approved this week and my surgery will be monday! I love your blog... I will be sure to follow it! :)


  2. Congrats on getting dates!!! The wait is hard but don't second guess yourself, you made a wise choice.

    Thanks for joining my blog.