Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 months already....Wow!!!!

Dan and I are doing great.   We both are feeling very well.  Nothing really exciting to report.  We had our 6 month check ups with our surgeon and he was very happy with our progress.  At this point in time I have lost 75 pounds and Dan has lost 128 pounds.  Dan pulse still stays low but no one seems real concerned about it.  Food is getting easier and easier as time goes by.  Still not eating alot but the variety is so much better now.  My bloodwork came back low on Iron so I started a new supplement to add to my very long list of pills :(    but truly the tradeoff is worth it.  Dan and I have so much more energy and are able to do things without much thought at all.  Dan is playing alot of golf and mountain biking.  I am riding my bike when i have time and just basically enjoying my new body.  Summer is going to be alot of fun.  We got season passes to Kings Dominion ( a large amusement park) and I was so excited to just sit in any seat on any ride and have the seat belts be super long on me  and just riding whatever I wanted without a care or a thought.  We have already spent alot of time at the beach this year and have another trip planned in 2 weeks.  I will see my sister for the first time since surgery....I cannot wait to see her reaction to us both.   It is so fun seeing people and watching their reactions.  The compliments are so nice and encouraging.  Dan's weight loss is so much more dramatic than mine....he really looks completely different.  I just look smaller  :)     Here are the pictures......Happy Summer to you all.

See more pictures  HERE


  1. You guys look awesome! What a great transformation. Enjoy all you compliments coming your way after your family sees you! It was weird for me because usually no one ever compliments a fat girl :) So when then compliments started coming I was like What tha?? LOL!

  2. LOVE LOVE that you have taken pictures in the same shirt for the weight-in shots!! GREAT idea. Wish I have thought of that! lol.

    Congrats on our progress :)