Friday, December 10, 2010

Bad News....Dan has been admitted to the hospital

Yesterday we were going to a fancy Christmas Party.  They had sent a driver to pick me up and take me up to Dan's place of work to meet him and then we could arrive at the party together.  I was really thinking I would have to skip it this year since I am only a week and 1/2 post op but I have been feeling do GOOD I decided I wanted to go.  So around 5:00 Dan called and said he was in alot of pain.  He was having cramps in his stomach and he had just eaten a scrambled egg (egg beaters).  He said he need to go to the ER.  So, as soon as I arrived we headed over to the hospital.  He had already spoke to our surgeon.  Dan was in so much pain by the time were made it half way there.  There was alot of friday night traffic and it took us an hour to get there. At one point I contemplated pulling over on the shoulder of the highway and calling an ambulance to get us there faster.   He was not doing well at all...squirming around, tears, makes loud moaning sounds.....ect.  We finally get to the ER and check in. And sit down....and sit some more...and sit some more....until I can't handle it anymore and I went back up to the window and asked how long it would be...expressed how severe this was and how this was a true emergency.  She asked me to sit down and she would call the charge nurse.  So I could not just sit so I call the surgeon again and told him we had been there 30 mins and we were just sitting here and how much pain Dan was in.  He said he would call the hospital.  Within 5 mins we were placed in a room.  They did a quick evaluation of him and started the IV.  He was finally given pain meds about 15 mins later and was finally able to open his eyes and unclench his fists and speak.
An hour goes by and they decide to do a CT scan.  Our surgeon arrived to see him and thats when I felt alittle more at ease....not much but alittle.  He was sure it was not a stricture or something like that.  I asked if it could be a twisted bowel or a blockage and he did not think so because Dan is only 3 weeks post op and he said that would be rare to have that happen so early....especially since he had been feeling great for a good week now.  But the results came back as a partial bowel obstruction.  He was admitted.

I stayed till sometime after midnight and headed hour away :(   When I arrived this morning he had been taken down for an XRAY Bowel Series.  He was gone 5 hours!!  When he finally did get back he had been in so much pain.  The pain meds work for about 2 hours and then it all comes rushing back again.  The surgeon came down and saw him around 4 and said that the Bowel Series did show some barium coming trough the narrowed area so it is not a complete blockage and they are not going to rush to do surgery to repair it.  WHAT!!!???   So this is the plan.......Dan is to wait through the weekend till Monday in the hospital, getting Delotid every 2 hours, no drinking, no eating, only ice chips in hopes that it will correct itself.  The narrowed area is at the bottom of the "Y" in the RNY procedure were the intestine is sectioned onto the bottom of the small intestine.  I disagreed with the waiting two times with the surgeon.  It just seems like ALOT of pain and discomfort to go though for 3 and 1/2 days all to end up going in to figure out exactly what is wrong and fix it.  Right now they can only rely on the CT  and Xray pictures.   I think they should just go in and see exactly what is wrong and fix it.  Forget the waiting part......but for now we are waiting.......


  1. Robin my thoughts and prayers are with Dan & you!! Love Manda

  2. I am so sorry to hear that, hope Dan is feeling better now. Keep us posted.