Monday, December 6, 2010

Dan is 2 1/2 weeks and I am 1 week post op

Dan and I are adjusting to our new lives, and trust me this is taking some adjustment.  Dan is doing very well right now.  He is down 36+ lbs and is finally feeling better.  He is still on the antibiotic but his stomach is feeling better and no more pains.  He has already had to move down to a smaller size jeans and his 3x shirts are starting to look way too loose.  He began eating mushy/soft foods this past Thursday and he is enjoying everything he has tried so far.

Things Dan is eating:     Boca burger with ketchup and light mayo-pureed
                                          Albacore Tuna with light mayo and SF pickle relish
                                          Low sugar Instant Oatmeal
                                          Canned baby shrimp, light mayo and Old Bay

I am 1 week today and I feel pretty good this morning.  I am down 14lbs and I am happy with that.  I gained 6 lbs of fluid in hospital. Sleeping is still hard because I must remain on my back or I feel alot of tugging and pain.  I am not getting all my fluid or protein but I am trying very hard and I have a drink in my hand all day!  I have tried a new protein this morning at a suggestion from a friend on Facebook.  EAS Myoplex Carb Control in Rich chocolate  It is premixed drink and it tasted very light and no smell....may be a keeper.  Gonna go get some more tonight.  I wanted to mention something that I had not read or heard from anyone, maybe because it is private and embarrassing but it happened to both Dan and I and I may not have worried about it so much if I had heard people talking about it prior to surgery...Diarrhea.  Yes, honestly a constant thing that once I finally did have my first BM on day 4 post op it continued every 3 hours (including at night) until yesterday around 6pm.  It was not painful but it was something that did occur with both of us.  When all you have to "eat" are liquids for a full week prior to your surgery and then nothing but water and protein drinks after, it makes sense but it was bothersome and annoying.  Just wanted to put it out maybe someone pre-op will be aware.   ok, lets move on :)  I am moving around much better.  Standing more upright and doing more things around the house and feeling more like myself.  They say you will feel better each day and it is true.  Each day gets easier.

Things I am eating:        Protein shakes 
                                       Lipton Noodle Soup (in the Red Box)- ok, if I did not have this I                                          would be dead now from malnutrition- now even eating some noodles                                          Cream of Potato Soup
                                         SF fudgesicles
                                       Carnation Instant Breakfast(1/2 packet), 1 scoop unflavored protein &
                                               instant coffee
                                       decaf hot tea, 1 tsp sugar, 1 ounce fat free milk or 1/2 and 1/2




  1. Hi :) So happy to have found your blog from OH! We had the same surgery date! Sounds like we are eating about the same...I had the diarhhea issues too :) Oh my! I am feeling much better, especially the last 2 days. Hopefully I will move onto puree tomorrow...I want some talapia so badly...tired of getting protein from shakes! They are all making me sick post-op and I loved them pre-op! What a crazy, wonderful journey! Charlene (sqerlygirl on OH)

  2. So proud of you both!! Keep up the work and take it easy!! Took me a whole month to feel NO pain!! See yea on FB and YT :)