Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am home from the hospital and Dan is 2 weeks post op

Pre-op Area waiting for my turn- November 29, 2010

I came home last night.  Yesterday was a very long night and long day.  My night was just horrible and I just don't think you should stay in hospitals alone at night.  Too much buttons not anywhere near me and just scary to be in the dark and cannot even turn on a light.  The day did not go much better.  I walked the halls around 6am.  Came back to bed, drank just water, my parents were coming to spend the day with me and we were all hopeful I would get to leave later in the afternoon.  As the day went by there were discussions about if my drain would come out or if I would have to keep it in till Friday.  Most of the uncomfortable pain I felt was near the drain area.  Lots of residents with lots of different opinions coming in and out all day but finally one of the main practice's surgeons came in and said yes I could go home tonight and the drain can come out.  Should have just waited till we saw him and not listened to all the other opinions.  Like I said, it was a long day.  I was home by 8pm.  

My first full day at home was today.  I had some Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast and a little Lipton Noodle soup(minus the noodles).  I have been drinking ice water and Crystal light.  I did not have any protein today.....not sure how that would go.  I gain 6 lbs of water weight in hospital.  I took my first shower early this morning and that went well.  I have about 5 incisions and one through bellybutton.  I will try to take a pic of it for you.  Also have the drain area hole.  I am taking Lortab elixar.  I can take up to far I feel like 5ml works really well.  So far I am ok.  I did sleep alot today and was so happy to be back in my own bed.  I can lay flat and nothing hurts although I cannot turn on my sides yet. 

Dan is 2 weeks post op!!!!  He is doing really well.  He has lost 33.8lbs.  He did have a bout with an upset stomach for a few days.  They had him come in for a CT Scan (which showed nothing) and they feel it may be a bacteria issue. Apparently they give you an antibiotic on the day of surgery that can mess up the balance of natural colon bacteria.  And if that is aggravated then it can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps.  He is now on Flageal and had a much better day today.  He ate oatmeal for the first time yesterday 2 times and today he had oatmeal and for dinner he made a little concoction of a Boca burger with ketchup and mayo, heated it up and then pulsed it in the Magic Bullet.  It smelled pretty good as he was making it and he said he liked it.  And its been hours since he ate it and he says he feels fine.  I am sure he is very thankful to eat some "real" food now.  He came in from work today and his jeans are huge on him...just huge.  Before we head to bed I think he needs to look though some older pairs and find one at least one size smaller :)   

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