Monday, September 6, 2010

1,2,3 GO! ......well not really

Dan and I have been overweight most of our lives.  We met 8 years ago and were just married 1 year ago.  We both have a few health issues and we feel Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) will make a big difference in changing all that for the better.  I had a congenital heart defect, bicuspid aortic valve, that I just had open heart surgery to correct in June 2010. Losing weight would make my heart not have to work so hard.   I also have high blood pressure.  Dan has diverticulitis, fatty liver, back issues and may have sleep apnea (test coming up on Sept 19th).  I just know he will feel so much better if he lost the weight.  I feel if we both could lose 100 pounds we would have a new lease on life.  Our stats right now
Robin- Age: 43           Height: 5'10"           Weight: 288.0   BMI: 41
Dan- Age: 36                  Height: 6'2"          Weight: 322.0     BMI: 41
Dan originally was thinking of having the Lap-Band option but after some research and the fact that I was following an interesting blog of another couple doing this together (check out Christie’s Health and Happiness blog) we are now very interested in having Vertical Sleeve.  Officially called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, this surgery involves removing 85% of your stomach, it really seems much safer than the Lap-Band (many complications) and Gastric Bypass.  NO nutrition absorption problems, no dumping (food get stuck -vomiting) and seems to be restrictive just enough to , if you are motivated, to help you lose 100+ pounds.  Perfect for us :)
Of course, at this moment in time, we are stuggling with insurance.  Dan got started with all this because he was reading though policy information and saw WLS is a covered benefit if you meet certain requirements ( we do) but after going to a seminar at Bluepoint Surgery and having them speak to BCBS Carefirst PPO.  We are not covered.  So Dan had first appt cancelled due to them saying that.  Dan has gone back and forth with our broker and Carefirst for a few days now.  Yesterday, the broker called and spoke to Dan and now we are covered as long as we meet the requirements….but that all might change today….we will see.

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