Thursday, September 30, 2010

.....might be getting closer now

This week things have really moved along...I was going to do a video but decided to just blog it. After going to the seminar last week we decided we really liked this new group. The surgeon that did the seminar was very down to earth and I found him very informative. It was very similar to the first seminar we went to with the first group. They do seem to push sleeve and lap band more than RNY....but we cannot have sleeve through our insurance so we are opting for RNY. We scheduled our initial consult with them. We met with them yesterday and it all went well. Weighed and measured (I am only 5'10"...woohoo), shown how the program works, met with the surgeon himself, went over risks and benefits, talked about all the required testing( Dan is ahead of me on all that), talked about surgery dates ****MAYBE NOVEMBER !!! **** and basically got a feel for the whole process. We also are going to our psych evaluations this friday evening. I feel alittle nervous about it but I am sure it will be fine....I will just be as honest as I can about everything.

As far as upcoming appointments, Dan is doing very well getting his completed. He has his second portion of the sleep study next week. He may also need another round of labwork. He needs to meet with the dietitian and the psychologist and he is pretty ready to go.
I still have to do labwork, have initial visit with Gastro( for required endoscopy), schedule the endoscopy, meet with the dietitian and the psychologist.
All in hopes to get mid to late November surgery dates...we are thinking about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks apart. We are planning on helping each other though this...not involve our extended families. Any suggestions from anyone on this? Will that be enough recovery time for the Dan (first) to then have to care for me and him? We were thinking the same day and it was offered to us but after really thinking about was a crazy thought...what if one of us had to stay longer at the hospital or there was a we kinda think about 2 weeks. Any comments on this would be appreciated :)

After looking over the nutritionist's information, it looks like she would like for us to start getting ready by buying items for after surgery, getting our supplements and protein supplements purchased and ready to go. She also wants us to try living like post-op for alittle while before the appt with her to get an idea of how it will be like. Sounds like a great idea to me....we will start working on it...our dietitian appt is Oct 18th.

So all in all this past week was very successful and we are definitely moving forward !

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