Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleep Study results....and our week

Dan had 2 procedures this week.  He had an Endoscopy done on Monday and a sleep study done Wednesday night.  The doctor went over the results of the endoscopy while we were there and said Dan does not have any hernias.  The sleep study results came today and he seems to have "severe" sleep apnea....scary.  I have been telling him for over a year to go and just have one done because he has alot of trouble sleeping.  He wakes often...sleeps very lightly and just seems tired.  So there is the reason.  He has to go back for another study to get him ready for a c-pap machine.  Just one more reason he needs this surgery. 

We sadly have heard no good news on the insurance front.  She told us that within 3 days of last wednesday it would be taken care of....well it has been 9 days and frustrating.  We cannot even schedule our first consult without the Carefirst records showing it is a covered benefit.

We do have another seminar planned for next thursday with another surgery group in Fairfax.  I wanted to see if it was done differently at a place that is not a "Center of Excellence".  So we are gonna check them out.  We also are going to a WLS Expo on Sunday at the orginal surgery group.  Sounds pretty interesting....tour hospital facility, meet doctors, round table discussions. samples, fashion show (Dan is not to excited about that) and such.....


  1. Why it took me so long to realize this I'm not sure, but I noticed that youre in Fairfax too! I have an appointment for the October 13th seminar at the "Center of Excellence" Hospital. So I'm interested to hear how your meeting went with the other group.

    I am just in the begining stages of this whole process. I've been doing a lot of reading online and books downloaded to my Kindle and so far VSG is the only surgery available that I have any interest in. I'm really excited to follow your journey :)

  2. We are in VA.....I just read through your blog. I sadly cannot have the "Sleeve" because my insurance won't pay for it. SO I have to decide between Lap abnd or RNY. I really think we are doing RNY. Lap band has to many risks and issues. And seems to not have a good success rate. We also are not going through Bluepoint (center of excellence) we are going with a surgical group in Arlington. We have our initial consult this week.....we are so ready to get started...lets keep in touch...follow each other along :)